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Park Onsite in our 1,000-Space Parking Garage

Parking in Downtown Denver has never been easier! The Bellco Theatre located in the Colorado Convention Center provides access to a 1,000-space onsite covered parking garage. The garage provides access to the Bellco Theatre, Colorado Convention Center and the Denver Performing Arts Complex (DPAC).

The garage is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ALL visitors and guests attending ANY event or business in the downtown area. If you are coming to a scheduled event in our facility, DPAC or any venue downtown, please arrive early and remember to use our quick and easy automated pay stations. Our current parking rates are as follows:

Parking Rates:

  • Park up to  8  Hours: $12.00
  • Park up to 12 Hours: $15.00
  • Park up to 18 Hours: $17.00
  • Park up to 24 Hours: $25.00

Three FREE Parking Spaces for Hybrid and Electric Cars:

The Bellco Theatre located in the Colorado Convention Center Parking Garage has designated three reserved parking stalls for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles for up to 8 hours of FREE parking. These free "Green" stalls are offered on a first come first serve basis and when available are located on level P1 in the garage. Thank you for partnering with the Colorado Convention Center to reduce our impact on the environment and our valuable natural resources.

Monthly Parking Rate: $150

Park 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 30 days. Monthly permits can be purchased either from our pay stations by using a major credit card (display a printed paper receipt valid for 30 days) or a plastic rear view mirror hang tag can be purchased from our Parking Offices for multiple purchases and invoiced monthly. All monthly parking occurs on level P2 in the garage. For more information regarding monthly parking permits, please call 303-228-8070.

Directions to our Parking Garage:

If using GPS to get directions to the parking garage use 1104 Champa Street Denver, CO 80202 as the destination address.

North-Bound Speer Directions

  • Driving via North-bound Speer Boulevard, pass Stout Street and make your first right before Champa Street. The Convention Center Parking Garage has its own designated Right Turn lane leading into the parking garage.  The Parking Garage is designated by the Downtown Denver Parking logo.  Please visit the following link to see the designated Downtown Denver Parking Logo. 

West-Bound Champa Directions

  • Driving via West-bound Champa Street, just before Speer Boulevard, it will be a left-hand turn from Champa Street that merges into the garage entry drive lane from Speer Boulevard. Please use caution when yielding to traffic entering the garage from Speer Boulevard. The Parking Garage is designated by the Downtown Denver Parking logo.  Please visit the following link to see the designated Downtown Denver Parking Logo.


  • Vehicle clearance is 8’2” and the maximum vehicle length is 19’0”
  • No Trailers or oversized vehicles allowed.
  • No in and out parking. If a vehicle departs the garage at any time, a new parking purchase must be made upon re-entry.
  • No free parking at any time 

Handicapped Accessible Parking:

Designated handicapped parking is available on all three levels of the parking garage. A valid state issued handicapped placard or license plate is required. All disability parking is on a first-come, first-served basis and requires payment at the automated pay stations.

Automated Pay Station Instructions:

With our automated pay station, parking is easy and convenient. Simply park in any non-reserved spot, remember your vehicle stall number and proceed to any pay station located on all levels within the parking garage. Cash or major Credit Cards can be used at any of the automated pay station.

Garage Map



Park near the RED ARROW to access the Bellco Theatre. Select the SL (Street Level) button in the elevator cabs at this location. The elevators at this entrance are only accessible during Bellco Theatre events.


Park near the YELLOW ARROW to access ALL areas of the facility and Downtown. Select the SL (Street Level) button in the elevator cabs at this location. Once at street level, exit the elevator lobby and turn right. Proceed to the Big Blue Bear to enter the Convention Center.

Denver Performing Arts Complex (DPAC) Events Only:

Park near the PURPLE ARROW to access the pedestrian bridge to the Performing Arts Complex. Once in the glass elevators, select the BL (Bridge Level) button to access the bridge to the DPAC facility. Simply walk across the open air bridge to the DPAC Galleria.

If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our offices located in the garage on level P1 or phone us at 303-228-8071.

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