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Tribute Al Divo the Juárez

Tribute Al Divo the Juárez

Sat, Apr 14 2018

Showtime: 8:00pm

Doors Open: Doors open at 7:00pm and lobby doors open at 6:30pm

Venue: Bellco Theatre


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Tribute “Al Divo de Juarez”

By first time in Denver, a Tribute "Al Divo de Juarez " concert interpreted by Jaime Varela, because of his similar timbre of voice, his great physical resemblance and his dress makes in reality a Tribute “Al Divo de Juarez” one of the artists more interpreted in all the world. Jaime Varela has presented in different scenarios of Mexico, United States, Central and South America. His television appearances in Mexico have given the title of the best interpreter of “El Divo de Juarez”. In this concert you can see and listen the interpretation of the most famous songs of the Mexican songwriter. Because you have one DIVO inside of you. You can sing the most popular and beautiful songs in this Tribute.

*Please arrive early to the show. Plan ahead and read our security policies and accessibility services


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